Working out seems to be on everyone’s to do list but does not always make it in to our daily routine. This article will show you how to start a basic workout program and will teach you to start slow and establish your routine.

Firstly, make a plan. Figure out which four days of the week you can make room for 45 minutes of exercise. Every other day of the week usually works out best. Plan out which days and at what times you will workout.

Outline the exercises you will start with. Pick five exercises to do each day you workout. Each one of these exercises will need to set a goal of reps. For example, if its push ups, try to do 6 reps. Then repeat those reps three times for each exercise. Some of the exercises you can do without equipment are push ups, sit ups, crunches, jumping jacks and running.

One of your five exercises should include cardio. Every day that you workout you should have at least one of your exercises be cardio. You can run or walk. You want to start with at least ten minutes of cardio.

Record your progress and increase your activity and reps. As you continue to workout, write down what you do every day. This way you can record your progress and plan to increase your activity. Once you get through the first couple of months, you should be seeing progress in your reps and results.

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