Dribbling is a fundamental skill that beginning players learn in soccer. Players must think of the ball as an extension of the foot. Keeping the ball close and in control at all times is crucial for all players. Control takes many hours of practice and dedication.

It is important to look up from the ball and know where your opponent is at all times. Dribbling requires staying in control of the ball in case the pressure increases quickly.

Take one step for each touch of the ball. Each touch should be a light tap that keeps the ball in play. Focus on moving towards the goal according to the set plays. Use all parts of each foot to move the ball. Use your toes, the insides and outer parts of the foot and heels. Tap the ball once between steps.

Keep the ball in close proximity, stay within one step with slight movements at all times. Move the ball using both feet to dribble and maintain a steady pace. Think of the ball as an extension of your foot, always keep it close and in control.

Turn by moving away from the opponent and using the inside or outside of your foot depending on which way you are turning.

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