The following guide will give you tips on how to bowl more consistently in the right areas. A quality bowler will be able to bowl in the same spot every delivery. Bowling like this is something that all bowlers should aim for.

Use a stiff arm when you bowl. Don’t bend your elbow. The ball can gain more velocity if you do this. You must release the ball before you step over the crease which is a line about a yard from the wickets at either end of where you are throwing from.

Strengthen your shoulder muscles and arms so you can hurl the ball faster. A fast bowler needs to have a lot of upper body strength. Remember to run from further back to gain the most momentum. Run to the crease fast. The faster you are moving, the faster your bowl will be.

Bounce the ball toward the batsman. This doesn’t lower the speed if you are throwing the ball with a forward spin. When the ball hits the ground with a forward speed, it will gain momentum. To gain the most accuracy, start by lining yourself up to your target and making a few practice throws without the ball. Visualise the movement and make sure your arm is locked.

Mark the starting point of your run up and repeat from the same location to get the form loaded into your brain. If your practice it enough, it will become a habit and this will help both your accuracy and speed.

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