Spring has just arrived and that means pre season cricket training has begun. Using our guide we will help you prepare for the cricket season and make the most of this critical period.

Begin by setting some goals. A big part of success in cricket is knowing what success looks like and planning how you are going to get there. They don’t need to be complicated, simply write down a few goals you have for the coming season. Once you have your goals, plan what you need to do to achieve them. For example, if you want to be fitter than your goal might be to do fitness training three times a week until the season starts.

Find a training buddy, fitness training can be hard to get motivated for sometimes. Find someone on your team who also wants to improve and motivate each other to do so. You must also remember to learn to relax and not get too worried about your performance.

Balance your training, if you just have nets you will not improve as fast as if you combine nets with drills, bowling machines, practice games and fitness work. You can talk to your captain as they will also be forming their own plans for the season soon. Talk to them and find out what he wants from you this year.

It is also important to assess your cricket equipment. Make sure that you have the best equipment possible as it is key to performing your best in cricket. Sportsmart has a variety of cricket footwear, cricket bats, cricket gloves, cricket pads and other cricket accessories. You can view our cricket range online or visit our stores to see our cricket range for yourself.

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