All the time people will try to begin a fitness program, many of those people will soon stop. Starting a running program and sticking to it can be a challenge, but if you follow some simple guidelines you will have a better chance of success.

Start slowly, too many people try to do too much in the beginning which leads to sore muscles and injuries. Beginning slowly and increasing your time and distance will gradually help you feel ready for your workout.

Schedule your exercise time and make it a habit. People who are successful at working out have learned to make time for exercise on a regular basis. In the beginning, it may be easier to actually schedule your exercise time on a calendar and then make sure you don’t let anything stop you from meeting that schedule. Making your run a habit will increase the likelihood that you will stick with it.

Find a running buddy. You might run with someone you know who already runs or you might find someone who is also new to running. You can keep each other accountable to your schedule and encourage each other during times of low motivation.

You can hire a personal trainer. Not only will you be paying money but you will also have someone you are accountable to.  The combination of these two aspects will help you to stay on track because you won’t want to waste money or let your trainer down.

Do something you enjoy while running such as listening to music or an audio book or run through your favourite park. When running is the only time you allow yourself to do these things, you will look forward to your run. For example, choose a book that you’ve been wanting to read and only listen to the audio version while running. You could even register for a race or other event. Knowing that you have a deadline will keep you motivated.

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