Sportsmanship is the rules and ethics of being a team player when participating in an athletic event. Sportsmanship emphasizes the fact that teammates and opposing players should act in a civilised manner. The rules of sportsmanship emphasize playing the game well without having a negative attitude or resorting to negative actions.

Teams are taught to have a respect and appreciation for the rules of the game. Athletes must play by the rules and must not be tempted to cheat to win the game. Teams should also ensure that do not treat the opposing team in a negative or degrading manner. Players must avoid name calling and using unsportsmanlike conduct such as unnecessary pushing or shoving.

Good sportsmanship teaches players to support their teammates. Instead of bashing a player when he has made a poor decision in the game, a teammate with good sportsmanship tells the player not to worry and that they will have better luck next time. Players with good sportsmanship who lose are sure to congratulate the winning team on a tough but well earned game.

It is important to emphasize that winning isn’t everything. Teams that understand playing the game well and to the best of their ability are more important will have a better experience. The concept that winning isn’t everything will help prevent athletes from feeling tempted to cheat or play dirty. The aspect of sportsmanship is very important for young children when playing on their first teams.

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