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Neil Craig, Dean Bailey and now Rocket Eade are gone, and now the task of appointing an Adelaide, Melbourne and Western Bulldogs coach have hit fever pitch. Two unlucky coaches given the flick as the other simply didn’t have what it takes, you work out who they are. But what should these clubs look for in a new coach, what makes a successful coach? Well below are my predictions on this coaching merry-go round, and by seasons end we’ll see how close I am.


I personally believe that the best candidate for the Adelaide Crows is the man that is leading them. Mark Binkley is the right man for the job. He has the pulling power of a James Hird or Nathan Buckley to bring the club together again. This is one of Adelaide’s worst seasons in their history and Binkley has the power to help the Crows re-establish themselves as a real contender.


Melbourne have said they want a coach with experience, a coach with a real presence and there are only 2 coaches out there that fits that bill, that’s Mark Williams and Rodney ‘Rocket’ Eade. Both coaches are a perfect fit, both coaches have coached at clubs with limited resources and have worked will in that environment. So Melbourne, make your choice but I believe that Rocket is best suited as Mark Williams has been out of the game a little longer than a week like Rocket.

Western Bulldogs:

Club legend Leon Cameron, get him now! Another club champion similar to Mark Binkley, he will bring the club back and its supporters. I believe the obvious choice for the role, has a number of years experience as an assistant as well as a stint at the bulldogs.

Its gonna be a coaching circus, so lets all sit back and enjoy!

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