In soccer, offensive players can use fakes and misdirection to move defensive players out of the way. Defensive players are taught to always keep their eye on the ball and to anticipate where the ball is going. While body fakes work well, quickly changing the direction of the soccer ball is often more efficient at moving close defenders out of the way. The double touch move quickly changes the direction of the ball so defenders don’t know what to do.

Start by dribbling the ball slowly at first by passing the ball from your right foot to your left foot a couple of times. Then kick the soccer ball quickly from the inside of your left foot to the inside of your right foot.

Hop into the air to kick the ball with the inside of your right foot in order to send the ball back to the left quickly. Practice kicking the ball hard with your left foot as if passing to another player. Instead, you’ll jump forward so that your right foot passes the ball to your left foot.

Remember your right foot should not touch the ground from the time your left foot kicks the ball for the double touch. Add a burst of speed to practice dribbling the ball away from defenders after the double touch.

Switch it up and start the double touch with your right foot. Mastering this skill with both feet may make you a more effective player, so you can perform it no matter where you are on the field.

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