Buying a cricket bat takes an understanding of the components of the bat and how it is put together. Cricket is a very popular game and having the right equipment is important. Picking a good cricket is simple using our guide.

Know the construction and size of a cricket bat. The overall length of a bat is no more than 38 inches. It has two parts: the blade and the handle. The handle of a good cricket bat is the most expensive part of the bat and it takes up to 20 separate pieces of cane with rubber layers glued into it to act as shock absorbers. It is also important to remember to select the model of cricket bat that most suitably fits your style of play, for example the Kookaburra CCX range of cricket bats is designed for ‘aggressive destroyers.’

Choose the handle length and diameter that fits your height and hand size. The handle can be long or short as long as the overall length of the bat does not exceed the 38 inch limit. The best way to determine if a bat is the right size, is to stand in your batting stance and rest the toe of the bat against the outside of your back foot, lean the cricket bat so that the top of the handle rests next to the inside groin of your front leg. If the bat is of the right size it should rest comfortably on the inside groin of your front leg.

Decide which type of willow you want for the blade. The best bats are made of English willow, a soft fibrous wood with excellent rebound qualities when the ball strikes the middle of the blade. Lower grade bats are made from Kashmir willow which is a harder more brittle wood. Look for compressed curved bat blades, never shaved bats as they are not as good.

Test the performance of the bat by bouncing a red leather cricket ball on the blade several times while holding it by the handle. On a good blade, the ball will bounce high or spring. On a blade of lesser quality, the ball will bounce lower and seem dead. Be sure the blade contains no knots as these are dead areas on the bat.

Sportsmart stocks a variety of cricket bats and accessories that you can view online. You can also visit our stores to get expert advice from our bat ‘n’ ball staff on choosing a cricket bat that is right for you. We also offer our customers a cricket bat preparation service. Simply ask our staff for more details.

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