Most good quality golf shoes are made of full-grain leather. Golfers require optimum support and comfort from their shoes and need to understand how to take care of their shoes to get the most out of them and keep them looking their best.

Keep your golf shoes clean and free of dirt and pesticides by using a clean, soft towel to wipe them down after each round. Wiping your shoes after each use will help to keep them free of moisture if you play during or after a rainfall.

It is also important to replace your spikes when they begin to wear down. Check the bottom of your golf shoes after each use for loose or warn spikes. Twist the old spike out by turning it counter clockwise and set a new one in its place with clockwise turns.

Clean the bottom of your shoes after you wear them. Rub a hand bristled brush back and forth along the bottom. Make sure that you clean in between each spike so that you remove dirt and debris.

Finally, apply a leather balm or leather protector to your shoes. Read the instructions on the packaging to ensure that you are doing it correctly and re-apply when needed.

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