Basketball is a challenging sport that requires speed, endurance, agility and strength. Players need to be able to accelerate quickly, stop and start with ease and run up and down the court without getting tired. Players also need to have upper body strength for dribbling, passing and shooting. Basketball team training should focus on all these things in order to help players improve their overall game.

Overall body strength training is key to building a strong player. Weight lifting, push ups, pull ups and resistance training all help build strength. Every training session should also involve sprinting to build speed. Coaches should time players sprinting from one end of the court to the other. By recording sprinting times at the beginning and at the end of the season, players can track their improvement.

Dribbling the ball between your legs without watching the ball can help players develop coordination. Players should practice dribbling with both hands while walking and running and trying to focus on using the hand they are most uncomfortable using.

There are many drills designed to help players develop defensive skills. Defensive skills involve learning a good stance, that is knees bent, eyes on the mid section of the offensive player and arms straight up. Coaches should also take the time to teach their team about rebounding. Drills such as taking shots and challenging players to retrieve the ball are useful.

Finally, players and coaches should focus on offense. Offensive skills include dribbling, passing and shooting. All of these skills can be developed during practice games. A useful drill is to get players to compete while taking free throws and three pointers. Play games such as knockout.

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