The Nike Lunarswift+ 2 running shoe features an all new upper made from three different types of materials for personalised support as well as original Lunaswift cushioning we have all come to love. The Dynamic Support platform in the midsole responds to a runners changing needs. During each run, the shoes adapt to your stride to provide just the right amount of support.

If you’re an overpronator, the firmer wedged carrier foam limits excessive pronation without adding the weight of a traditional medial post. If you’re a neutral runner don’t worry because you won’t activate this pronation control feature so the Dynamic Support platform will simply feel like a well cushioned shoe.

The three different materials used to construct the upper are not only extremely supportive, but breathable too. Also used is environmentally preferred rubber in a waffle pattern outsole which is durable so that your Nike Lunarswift+ 2’s will last on those long runs.

The Nike Lunarswift+2 running shoes combine the cushioning and runner specific support you need in a lightweight package so that you can enjoy a unique and comfortable fit. Nike Lunarswift+ 2 running shoes now available at Sportsmart, you can view them online or visit our stores to try a pair on for yourself.

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