A boxer must have rhythm, timing, power speed and quickness when they enter the ring. These characteristics are all based on footwork. To be an effective boxer, an athlete must be able to put themselves in a position to throw punches while also be able to avoid punches.

A god boxer will be on their toes as they move around the ring. Usually boxers in lower weight categories tend to be lighter on their toes compared to bigger boxers who are more flat footed and look for the knockout blow. It is important to move around the ring and learn how to throw effective punches on the move from a balanced position.

Running around the ring and trying to stay away from your opponent is simple enough, however trying to move around and throw effective punches with power is quite difficult. This skill takes hours of training and sparring. As the boxer moves around the ring, they must be able to steady themselves in order to throw an effective punch. If the back foot is not steady for even a fraction of a second as the punch is thrown, the punch will lose its effectiveness. It is important to remember that if you stay in the same spot for too long you will become vulnerable.

In order to develop great footwork and both deliver and avoid heavy punches, it is important train and condition. Many boxers get into shape by running and jumping rope. Combined with an efficient diet that avoids junk food, the boxer will find themself in a more efficient position and be able to use footwork to their advantage.

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