Learning how to properly hold your table tennis paddle is essential if you intend on playing at your best in table tennis. Whether you are playing seriously or for fun the grip and way you hold your paddle will determine how you play the game.

To hold a table tennis paddle, firstly place the wood handle across your hand with your palm facing forward. Then clasp your pinky finger, ring finger and middle finger loosely around the handle of the paddle. Next, extend your index finger along the back side of the rubber paddle while maintaining a loose grip with your other fingers. You must then clasp your thumb around the side of your paddle opposite your index finger, meeting your other three fingers which are wrapped around the handle of the paddle.

Grip tightness refers to the amount of tightness in your grip of the table tennis paddle. Your grip depends on the type of shot you intend to play. A loose grip is used when you are trying to help reduce the effect of power or spin of an opponent’s shot. Holding your paddle slightly looser allows the paddle to move a little more backwards when contact is made. This will cause more of the spin to be absorbed by the paddle. A loose grip is also useful when you are attempting to play a gentle drop shot over the net. Having a loose grip allows you to hit softer.

You would use a firm grip when you want to impact your own spin on the ball. When you use a firm grip you usually want to get as much spin or speed out of your stroke as you can. Having a firm grip will also help when you are trying to loop, reloop or block the ball pace. There are two main times when you should change your grip and that is when you are serving and during a rally.

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