If you play soccer, the key thing to remember is that speed in soccer is not only straight ahead. You must have the ability to accelerate quickly and run on diagonals and curves. A soccer player must be able to run fast as well as be able to anticipate their opponent’s next move and be able to react. Speed training for soccer players involves jogging, running, sprinting, and turning.

Dynamic strength training is key to a player’s speed training program. Soccer players who want to build functional muscle should stay away from body building programs. These programs may build visible muscle but will slow you down on the field. Dynamic strength training consists of full body movements i.e. you may perform a minute of high jumps, a minute of one legged hops across the field and 12 repetitions of a high pull. These must be performed without a rest

During a soccer match, players will run at different speeds. Therefore running 5km a day at a steady pace may end up hurting you rather than helping you. Soccer players will jog, sprint straight ahead, pedal backward, change direction, turn and kick the ball while running. A good training exercise is one where your coach will get the team to stand on the side line, he will then blow the whistle to signal different actions which the players must perform quickly. Ensure that you are given jogging time between sprints so that you do not become too tired too quickly.

Players must not only be able to move quickly on the field, they must also be able to do so with coordination. As a soccer player you must be able to control the ball, watch for your opponent’s next move and be able to steal the ball, make a pass or breakaway. Coordination drills can be performed using cones or hoops. Players should be able to sprint through obstacles as quickly as they can using different footwork and then receive the ball from another player. Your coach can also set up obstacle relays where the team is split in half and players race through the course toward the ball and try to score a goal. The aim is to beat your opponent.  The player who does not reach the ball becomes the defender.


  1. Morgan

    not bad. i play soccer for the under 16s and i do most of what is in this page already. I thing you should do more of this.

    • Sportsmart

      Hi Morgan – Thanks for your feedback, check our blog regularly as new articles are posted every day including articles on soccer and training.

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