The weight bench is a standard piece of equipment involved in weight training. There are many exercises that can be done using a weight bench.

  • Chest

A weight bench is ideal for developing your chest. The best exercise for developing pectoral muscles is the bench press. For this exercise, you lay on your back and lift the barbell up and down. Dumbbell flys are also good for the chest. This exercise involves you lying on your back and grasping a dumbbell in each arm and then bringing them upward until they nearly meet over the chest.

  • Arms

A weight bench with a seat which can be inclined is perfect for developing your arms using seated dumbbell curls. Bend the weight bench at an angle and lean back against it while gripping a dumbbell in each arm and curling the arm upward. To use the weight bench to work out the back of your arm, do a bench tricep extension. This involves you lying on your back with a barbell held behind your head and then bringing it forward to rest directly over your head before returning to the starting position.

  • Neck

By adding a neck harness your weight bench can be used to exercise your neck. Perform neck flexions using a harness that is strapped completely around the skull and to which a weight is attached. Lay down on the bench with your shoulders at the end of the bench so that your neck hangs off. Use the muscles of the neck to bring the weight up and slowly back.

  • Abdominals

The weight bench can be used to work your abs and create a six pack and you don’t even need to use weights. The weight bench is an excellent way to exercise your abs if you have trouble with normal sit ups and crunches. Basically sit on the edge of the bench and lean back. Make sure to support yourself by holding on to the bench edges on either side. Stretch your legs out in front of you and then pull them back so that your knees are bent, then return to the starting position.

Sportsmart stocks a variety of weight benches to suit your workout needs. You can view our weight benches online or come into our stores to try them out and get expert advice from our fitness staff on choosing a weight bench that is suited to your exercise needs.

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