If you are just starting out in volleyball, it is important to focus on the fundamentals to develop your volleyball skills. Focus should be directed at ball control in passing, your footwork during serving and receiving and your approach when hitting the ball during an offensive play.

Good passing is absolutely essential when playing volleyball. Players must be able to consistently pass the ball to a specified target no matter what position they are playing. Practice passing with a partner at different lengths or even as a team.

It is also important for a player to be able to set and spike the ball with control. Work with a partner and get them to pass the ball to you while you practice passing back, spiking the ball and receiving different passes as if you were in the game.

Blocking is an essential part of a player’s defensive game. Timing, footwork and your hand placement are key to effectively blocking the ball. Get another player to hold the ball on the opposite side of the net. They can stand on a chair and are able to move the ball to different spots before you jump. The blocker gets into position and jumps up and blocks the ball.

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