A good team captain looks out for their fellow players before, during and after the game. If a player is not performing at their best or has a personal problem, a team captain will encourage that player to keep going. A good team captain will keep his team mates on the same level. When a team needs a leader, they will always turn to their captain. A captain’s responsibilities are met when the team is successful.

A team captain should strive to keep the teams morale high. They should organise social events for the team and motivate players by discussing goals and leading the team on game day. At the end of the season, the team leader should congratulate their team mates on their accomplishments.

As a team captain, you need to set an example for your teammates. You are a role model. Make sure you are always on time and have all the proper equipment on game day. You must set a high standard that your teammates can follow. The captain should not get into any trouble on and off the field. You should also attend all team functions and encourage your team to do the same.

If you want your team to succeed, practice is involved. At the start of your training sessions, the captain should lead their teammates in all exercise routines. The captain should motivate the team to push their strength to the limit in training and perform at their best in preparation for game day. As team captain, you should help your coach to keep your team focused.

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