Attacking is crucial in netball. To attack you need to have high levels of coordination, be aware of the situation around you and have skills in developing good tactics on the court. Great players have the ability to create an attack out of nothing except having the ball and are able to do this from any position on the court.

An effective attack locates and exploits the weaknesses in defence and is able to turn a defensive situation into an attacking situation. The attacker must be able to dictate the play and the opposition has no choice but to react. This will mean that they are too busy to focus on scoring.

The most lethal attack is one that is able to throw the defence off balance. Typical attacks include:

  • A long pass into an open zone
  • A multi player attack which pins down the opposition in defensive groups
  • The sudden attack from defence which upends the field positions

An attack needs to be planned, so that other players on the team are able to support it. Mixing up your passes can help your team to control the pace of the game and out smart the opposition. Try not to always look for the long pass or throwing from the wing, try cutting inside and creating a short bounce pass.

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