Batting is not an easy thing to do on the cricket field. Proper footwork is important when batting. Footwork is probably the most crucial aspect of batting and a batsman must have excellent footwork in order to play different kinds of shots. An advantage of having good footwork is that it allows you to time the ball and place the ball perfectly in the gaps. Good footwork enables you to be in the best position to hit any ball perfectly with the cricket bat. You must work really hard on your footwork if you want to perfect your batting skills and hit different types of shots. Timing of your shots also becomes easier if you have a sound footwork technique.

Grip is another important aspect of batting. A batsman must have an ideal grip in order to play all the strokes properly. The ideal grip on the bat must be both hands together at the handle of the bat. Make sure that your grip is not too loose or too tight. The correct grip does not restrict you in any way of playing any shots.

As a batsman you must play each ball to your advantage. It is not possible every time for a bowler to bowl six good balls in an over and it is also extremely rare that you will receive six bad balls in an over. You have to remember that it only takes one good ball to get you out. Make sure you watch every ball carefully. Keep watching the ball in the bowlers hand until the ball is delivered. By doing this, you can easily find out what kind of ball the bowler is going to deliver. You will also be prepared in advance to face the type of ball being bowled to you and are able to adjust your footwork accordingly.

Stance is often ignored in batting.  Not many people realise just how important batting stance is. You must ensure that you are basically side on to the bowler, this will decrease the time you need to get your feet in a decent position to hit the ball. Your feet should be shoulder width apart. This will ensure that you are balanced at the crease as your weight will be evenly distributed.

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