Using a weight bench is ideal for a strength training work out. A weight bench can be used to stabilise your body during weight training. A standard weight bench is made from steel with padding on top. Benches can be flat or upright, some are even adjustable so that you can slide them to an incline or decline position.

When using a weight bench, experiment with the angle of the bench. Inclining the bench slightly will allow you to work the muscles of your upper chest. However, attempting chest exercises at too high an angle can be dangerous. Declining the bench puts the emphasis on your lower chest. You can change the angles every time you work out if you like.

When you are doing overhead lifts or bicep curls, make sure you are snugly in the seat. This means you will need to adjust the seat so that it is upright. Doing this will protect your back and stop you from cheating – you won’t be able to rock your body back and forth building momentum and will have to rely on your biceps. You will also have to remember to stop yourself from arching the small of your back when the weight is getting heavy.

An important point to remember is to always keep your feet flat and never have your feet in the air. Beginners are prone to doing this and should pay special attention to this bad habit when starting out. Putting your feet in the air will create an unstable and awkward position.

Sportsmart stocks many weight benches with varying features. You can view our weight benches online or come into our stores and talk with our expert fitness staff about selecting and using weight benches.

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