Indoor soccer first began in the 1980’s as a way of staying in shape for the upcoming soccer season. It has now evolved into its own popular sport with tournaments. Indoor soccer requires different shoes from typical soccer boots. Choosing indoor soccer shoes is made easy using our guide.

Indoor soccer shoes are much lighter than normal soccer shoes and look very similar to runners, however they are much tougher. They also have a rubbery sole to prevent you from rolling your ankles. Playing on indoor surfaces is much trickier than playing on a soccer field; therefore you must wear the appropriate footwear that will enable you to move quickly.

The Adidas Predator Absolado X indoor soccer shoes have a full grain/synthetic leather upper providing you with increased comfort and durability. Predator technology is used to improve power and agility. The cushioned EVA insole is ideal for comfort and shock absorption and the rubber outsole is great for indoor traction.

The asymmetric lacing makes the Predator Absolado’s look modern and give you a bigger and cleaner surface area for optimum touch. The tread pattern is designed specifically for maximum traction on a variety of indoor soccer surfaces. If you want an edge over the competition, then the Adidas Predator Absolado’s are for you.

Sportsmart currently stocks Adidas Predator Absolado X indoor shoes. You can view them online or come into one of our stores to try a pair on for yourself.

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