The winner of Sportsmart and Kookaburra’s cricket sponsorship program, Bradley Van Twest, provides regular blog articles on his favourite topic – cricket …

With all the research and technology that Masuri have put into this helmet, it is no wonder that it’s number 1 on the market!

The Masuri Titanium helmet is SUPER light weight. It’s made from fibreglass and, after wearing one for about a week now, it feels almost half the weight of my old Albion Elite. The players I’ve spoken to have said they feel a lot fresher and are able to bat for a longer time.

The helmet has really good vision: there are fewer bars used on the grill and those that are there are very thin and no distraction to the batsman, making it much easier to stay focused on the ball.

The helmet comes complete with a headband to soak up sweat and an adjustable strap at the back for a perfect fit so it does not move around during stroke play.

The cost, $215 with the titanium grille @ Sportsmart, may sway you towards buying a cheaper alternative. But for its safety and player comfort it is well worth the extra cash.


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