Sportsmart and Wilson’s tennis sponsorship winner, Scott Lyons, gives an insight into his love of tennis…

Why do you love tennis?

I love playing tennis as it is a great test both physically and mentally. Not only do you get to run around and exercise without it being too strenuous, it is a great challenge to try and outthink your opponent in a one-on-one situation. Tennis is also great fun to just play socially and it is one of the few sports that can be played by all ages.

Do other members of your family play tennis?

All of my family have played tennis at some stage of their life, but these days they only play on the odd occasion. However, my Dad plays social tennis about once a week and is always keen to improve!

What do you like about playing with Highmoor Uniting Tennis Club?

Highmoor Tennis Club is a fantastic club with a great community feel to it. Nearly all of the members know each other and it is one of the few clubs that values the social aspect of tennis as highly as, if not higher than, the competitive side of it. When not playing competition, there is never a shortage of players who are willing to go down and have a hit. At Highmoor there is something for all members, whether they are actively playing or not.

What do you think your club will buy with the $200 Club Advantage voucher you have earned for them?

The $200 voucher will be put to great use, and may be put towards new nets or tennis balls.

What will you do with your old tennis gear now that you’ve won the Sportsmart and Wilson sponsorship package?

To be honest I’m not too sure. Now with two brand new pairs of shoes thanks to Sportsmart, my old shoes will hardly be worn! I could possibly keep them for emergency situations or perhaps find a friend of similar shoe size to give them to..? I will keep my old racquet as a spare for all those nasty times where you break a string two minutes into a match.

Which tennis racquet do you have your eye on?

I often get into bad habits of spending hours on end reading about all the new tennis racquets coming out and the various new technologies. Yet after having had Chris from Sportsmart show me the range of Wilson BLX racquets, I am very excited about trying out the Wilson BLX Pro Open!

What racquet are you using at the moment?

Before receiving Sportsmart and Wilson’s sponsorship package, I had been using the Babolat AeroPro Drive GT.

What advice do you have for other tennis players who want to improve their game?

Yep, it’s the same old boring advice that we hear from everyone – practice, practice and more practice. However, the key is that the quality of training is far more important than the amount of time trained. You will get far more out of twenty minutes of solid training while highly concentrated, rather than three hours of slogging the ball as hard as possible. Also, always try to master the basics before attempting subtler variations. Watch the ball onto the racquet, have a straight and high ball toss and don’t neglect your backhand.

What other sports do you enjoy playing?

While tennis is the only sport I play competitively, I enjoy almost any sport. I enjoy playing basketball, squash and even the very occasional run. However, I am also a huge AFL fan and a big fan of the cricket. I can watch practically any sport on TV and enjoy it, much to my family’s dismay…

What is your ultimate tennis ambition?

For me, I cannot see myself winning Wimbledon anytime soon and I am very realistic about my expectations. My ultimate tennis ambition would be to continue to improve so that I have an all-round solid game, and one which would enable me to play tennis for my entire life. Yet in the meantime, I would love to be able to serve properly!

Sportsmart and Wilson’s tennis sponsorship program winner Scott Lyons with Sportsmart Director Gerrard Woods

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