Sportsmart Northcote Manager, Tom Kilpatrick

I have played cricket for more than 15 years and have worked in the area for a number of years as well. I like to think cricketers come into Sportsmart because they know that they will get very good value for money, excellent service and great advice.

Here are some of the things to consider before choosing a cricket bat…

What type of ball am I using?
If using a tennis ball or any non-leather ball, a Kashmir willow will be fine. Although it is less durable and heavier, it is also cheaper option. If using a leather ball, English willow is the preferred choice as it is more durable, provides better rebound and is a lighter willow.

What size of bat is right for me?
An adult uses a Short Handle or Long Blade, depending on their height. Basically, it comes down to what’s comfortable and one’s stance at the crease. When choosing a junior cricket bat, it depends on height and age. A general rule is to halve the child’s age to find their size.

How do I know if the cricket bat is the correct weight for me?
The weight of a bat can be chosen to suit your age, strength and style of play. For example, a very strong adult may prefer a bat weighing around 3 pounds, whereas a 12-year-old boy would benefit more from a bat weighing 2 pounds. The best way to tell if a bat is the correct weight for you is to hold it out in front at shoulder level in one hand in the middle of the grip; if you can hold it this way for 10 seconds then it is not too heavy.

For any questions on how to choose a cricket bat, which ranges we stock and how to prepare your bat, don’t hesitate to call any of our stores and ask for the cricket department.

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