In the game of tennis it is incredibly important to have a strong and powerful serve. If you look at the top ranking players you will note that they all have a dominant serve. It is a great way to achieve easy points and help conserve energy, rather than playing out a long rally.

There are several elements to achieving a powerful serve, but the most important is technique. It is important to have a coach who can help evaluate your serve and give you some helpful pointers to correct that technique while also using what you have naturally developed. Make sure that you are able to use the repetitive motion of your serve without it causing any discomfort or potential injuries.

Along with the help of a coach or parent (someone who has an understanding of the game) the best way to develop and improve your serve, especially once your technique has been mastered, is to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Below is a great drill for serving.

Serving to cones drill

Set up six tennis ball cans as targets. Place three cans in each service box. One should be placed at the corner of the service line and the middle line on the deuce side. Another should be placed in the middle of the box, and the other should be placed where the sideline meets the service line. The targets should be located in the same spots on the ad court as well.

Now take a basket of balls and practice serving at these targets. Serve approximately 15 balls at each target. If you want to work on your wide serve, you can move the cans to where the service line meets the sideline. Move the cans about 18 inches towards the net. Serving at these targets will help to then give you something to aim at when you are playing a match.

Repetition is outstanding practice for serving, as it helps develop muscle memory and therefore improves stroke accuracy and pace.

Personal trainer, Tavia Ambler

One comment

  1. Ben

    I’ve heard of some tennis camps where they make you serve for 45 minutes straight so you can serve to all areas of the service box. That sounds like awesome drill to me !

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