Soccer is played in short bursts separated by rest/walking periods. Endurance training is a vital component of soccer training as players cover a lot of ground – some elite players can cover up to 12km during one game! Here are two training exercises players can try to help improve endurance:

Interval training

This involves covering a certain distance with rest periods in between. For example, 4 x 400m sprints with one-minute rests, or 5 x 100m sprints with 10-second rests. You can vary both the distance and the rest period (the longer the distance the greater the rest period).

Fartlek (speed play) training

This consists of running, jogging and walking stairs and hills intermittently, and should be carried out for 20–30 minutes. This form of training improves overall aerobic fitness while also adding variety to the training program. Find a route that includes all these variations before beginning the session.

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