Doing stretching exercises before you play is important as it helps increase flexibility, range of motion and power. Also, warming up helps to reduce injury risk and the risk of a flare-up of a niggling muscle or joint. Follow this sequence of dynamic stretches 15–20 minutes before teeing off to help improve your game:

• Walking or jogging warm-up – 3–5 minutes

• Supported single leg squats – 10 on each leg

• Arm swings – swing arms back and forth across the body for 30 seconds

• Trunk rotations – stand with feet shoulder-width apart and slowly rotate upper body from one side to the other x 15–20

• Standing shoulder stretch – stand up straight, holding golf club in front with one hand holding each end in an overhand grip. Lift club up over your head, keeping elbows straight. Slowly stretch shoulders and move hands as far back as possible. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat x 3

• Leg swings – 10 on each side

• Alternating toe touches – complete 30

• Practice swings

Personal trainer, Tavia Ambler
(0433 826 944)

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