As we warm up coming into summer many families are wondering what activity the whole family can enjoy over the holiday period. A table tennis table is the answer! Nearly everyone at some point in their life has played a fun game of table tennis. Whether it be at school, home, at a friend’s house or even competition, table tennis is fun that can be enjoyed by the whole family regardless of age and skill.

If you have never owned a table tennis table, you probably have many questions. Below you will find frequently asked questions relating to your table tennis table purchase. This is a simple guide designed to help you make the right decision when buying your table tennis table.


What are the main features to consider when choosing a table tennis table?

When choosing a table tennis table you will need to consider where you will be using the table. There are two main types of table tennis tables; indoor and outdoor.

Indoor table tennis tables are for indoor use, they provide a more natural bounce. Where the table will be used can play a major part in your decision as to what table to buy.

Moisture and sunlight can cause damage to your table.

To help protect your table a cover is recommended, this can assist with the elements. Table Tennis covers are also available at all Sportsmart stores.

If the table is to be used outdoor or may be subjected to Moisture and sunlight we recommend you consider an Alliance Tornado outdoor table.

Our staff our more than happy to assist with any questions to help you choose the correct table.


What is the difference in table top thickness mean/ translate into?

There a variety of thicknesses that are available at Sportsmart. The different thickness in tops and frames give a truer and more consistent bounce. ITTF approved tables need to be 22mm or greater to get an ITTF approval. Our staff would be happy to show you the difference in order to select the correct table for your family.

Our indoor table thickness available: 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 22mm and 25mm.

Our outdoor table thickness available: 6mm

Frame sizes vary according to the Table thickness.


Can you use an indoor table outside?

Indoor tables are best used indoors. The table tops are generally made from MDF and should not be exposed to moisture and Sunlight. If you plan on using the table outdoors where the table maybe exposed to moisture or sunlight it is best to buy an outdoor table that has a special top made from a mixture of Plastic, resin or Fibreglass.


Do they come in a variety of colours? 

Standard competition colour in Victoria is a Dark Blue top. There are no rules or regulations on colours of the tops

for leisure use. Sportsmart have a few different options for you to choose from.


Sportsmart recommendation for a family table. 

Sportsmarts most popular selling tables are 15mm / 16mm tables.  Alliance whirlwind or a Stiga Cyan


Sportsmarts recommendation for the more skilled player. 

18mm, 22mm and 25mm will suit the more skilled player. You will appreciate the natural and true bounce these tables offer.


What is the best brand?

Stiga still rates up there with the best brands. We buy tables from 2 companies that manufacture for the most of the major brands in the world. Stiga, Alliance and Lion


Will my table fold and store easily.

All tables available from Sportsmart come in 2 pieces and can be folded for compact and easy storage. This also allows the table to be used in the playback position for solo practise.


If I purchase a table from Sportsmart will it come with accessories?

The majority of tables don’t come with accessories, however any table tennis purchase at Sportsmart entitles you to 20% off all table tennis accessories. We have a large range of bats, balls and nets to help you get started and our staff would be more than willing to discuss the best accessories for you based on your needs and table purchase.


Are they easy to set up?

All Sportsmart tables come in a flat pack –they are 90% built in the flat pack. Very little assembly and knowledge is needed to set your table tennis table up and start playing!


Is the table size regulation/ What is regulation sizes?

Sportsmart table tennis tables are all of regulation size.

SIZE (IN MM) Length: 2740 mm Width: 1525 mm Height: 760 mm Net Height: 152.5 mm

SIZE (IN FEET) Length: 9.0 ft. Width: 5.0 ft. Height: 2.5 ft. Net Height: 0.5 ft.

SIZES (IN INCHES) Length: 107.87 inches Width: 60.0 inches Height: 29.92 inches Net Height: 6.0 inches


Will the Table Tennis Table fit in my car?

The table will not fit into a car. It will need to be transported in a Trailer, Ute, or large van.

It can be placed on roof racks of a car providing there is adequate tie downs available.


If its range, value or an early present for the family over the Summer Holidays Sportsmart has you covered.

We have more than 10 table tennis models to choose from, to suit a variety of needs and preferences. Brands that we stock include Stiga, Alliance & Lion table tennis tables and sizes that range from 16mm to 25mm.

Still have more questions about choosing a table tennis table? Feel free to visit us in store at our 3 store locations Sportsmart Moorabbin, Sportsmart Northcote & Sportsmart Kilsyth and one of our friendly and enthusiastic staff members they will be able to assist you with your needs.

Alternately why not contact our online team for more advice on finding the right table tennis table. All online orders placed before December 14 Sportsmart guarantees delivery before Christmas!

Click here to view our range of Table Tennis Tables.



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