A benefit of owning your own basketball system is that you can enjoy shooting hoops in your own backyard. You might use the system to practice your game for competition or simply because you enjoy basketball. There are different types of basketball systems available and each are suited to different types of players. The standard size for a basketball ring is 10’ (3.05m) from the ground.

Choosing a basketball system can seem like a difficult task. We have put together a simple guide to help you choose the best basketball system for your needs and budget. We have also selected some basketball systems for each type to help you when making your choice.

Types of basketball systems:

Wall mounted basketball systems: These basketball systems can be attached to the side of your house, garage, wall etc. These types of basketball systems will need to be installed and will generally include a backboard, hoop, net and sometimes a mounting kit. Other basketball systems require connections to be purchased separately. Sportsmart sells suitable mounting equipment in store and online. When purchasing a wall mounted basketball system it is important to consider the area in which the system will be placed. Different types of roofs may have trouble holding the backboard straight. When considering this option, ensure you make staff aware of where your basketball system will be placed so they can provide you with the best advice on installation.

Spalding NBA 44" backboard combo - other teams available

Spalding NBA 44″ backboard combo – other teams available

Spalding universal bracket

Spalding universal bracket

Spalding Acrylic 54" backboard combo

Spalding Acrylic 54″ backboard combo

Check out our full range of wall mounted basketball systems online.

Portable basketball systems: You will be able to play basketball almost anywhere with a portable basketball system. These standalone units will normally feature a base with wheels, backboard, pole and rim. To ensure added stability, fill the base with water or sand. These basketball systems are convenient and easy to conceal, once play is finished they can be wheeled into the garage and some can even be folded down. Portable basketball systems do not offer the same amount of stability as in-ground systems but they are a great option for casual players who are deterred by basketball system installation. These basketball systems also make great Christmas gifts as they are enjoyable for the whole family. Sportsmart stocks a variety of portable basketball systems which are also adjustable. This added feature helps young kids when practicing.

Spalding Silver Series 42" acrylic

Spalding Silver Series 42″ acrylic basketball system

Spalding 54" Glass Portable basketball system

Spalding 54″ Glass Portable basketball system

Check out our full range of portable basketball systems online.

In-ground basketball systems: Standard in-ground basketball systems secure the basketball pole in concrete. These types of basketball systems offer maximum stability as a result. However, the pole cannot be removed or adjusted without damaging the concrete.  The height of the system itself is adjustable which is helpful when teaching young kids how to play basketball. It is extremely important to ensure the in-ground basketball system you choose has marks which will help you determine the distance between the hoop and the ground before the cement dries. If you are unfamiliar with installing an in-ground system, ask a staff member to advise you on who you can contact to install your basketball system.

Spalding Gold Acrylic 50" in-ground

Spalding Gold Acrylic 50″ in-ground basketball system

Spalding 60" glass in-ground basketball system

Spalding 60″ glass in-ground basketball system

Check out our full range of in ground basketball systems online.

When choosing a backboard it is important to consider the bounce or rebound factor of the backboard. The materials used in the backboard provide different results. To ease the selection process we have put together a simple guide to help you understand the backboards available to you.


Check out our full range of basketball backboards online.

Sportsmart has a wide range of basketball systems suited to all types of players. You can view our range of basketball systems and backboards online or visit one of our stores located in Victoria where you can consult an expert staff member on which basketball system is right for you.

Our latest basketball catalogue is also out now! It features our range of basketball systems as well as the latest essential basketball accessories to ensure you are playing at your best. You can view our basketball catalogue online here.

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