Want to perform better and recover faster? Sportsmart may have the solution for you: compression garments.

Benefits of wearing compression garments during training, competition and recovery:

–      Accelerates blood flow and oxygen to the muscles, helping to get rid of lactic acid so you can compete at a higher rate for longer

–      Draws moisture away from the skin, so you can be more dry and comfortable

–      Improves circulation, and so optimising body temperature in both hot and cold environments

–      Durable fabric that allows full movement, while the extra muscle support helps to reduce injury risk

–      Potential to speed up recovery time in between training sessions

Sportsmart stocks compression gear from Skins, 2XU, Under Armour and Performax, for men, women and kids. Our compression range includes full-length tights, capris (3/4 length), shorts, short-sleeved tops, long-sleeved tops and more.

Check out our compression page in our online store, or visit your local store for all your compression gear needs.

Range varies from store to store.

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