Personal trainer Tavia Ambler reviews the new Nike Free Run 5.0 women’s running/performance lifestyle shoe

As a personal trainer, running shoes are very important to me. I wear them 6 days a week, sometimes for 14 hours a day, so they need to be comfortable and supportive. I have been an avid supporter of the Nike Free running shoes since they came out a few years ago, and now they make up every runner in my wardrobe.

The new Nike Free Run 5.0 are the most comfortable shoes I have worn. They are incredibly light, so your feet don’t get sore and feel heavy, but they also have enough support and cushioning underneath and around the foot. People who are used to wearing a very supportive running shoe may take a little time to get used to the feel of the Nike Free 5.0 runners, and I would suggest transitioning through. Start by wearing them for walking, and then start to include them more into your everyday routine, gradually building up to wearing them for running and cross-training.

The shoe is designed to help make your run more comfortable and has features that mimic barefoot running. However this running shoe also has the support to help create a secure feel and a natural range of motion within the foot. This will allow you to develop a more natural running style (as well as help strengthen all the muscles in your feet).

For me, they were the best thing for my running as I had terrible before the Nike Free Run 5.0 I had terrible troubles with my Achilles. After changing to the Nike Free Run 5.0 the pain went away and I felt a much better rhythm while running.

Although the Nike Free Run 5.0 shoes are designed for running, they are also a really good travel shoe (because they are so lightweight) and also great for walking and everyday activities. I would recommend them to anyone!

Nike Free Run 5.0

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