Concave football boots have just arrived at Sportsmart! We’re extremely excited about offering this revolutionary new range to our customers. Concave football boots naturally complement the shape of a football. Footballs are convex in shape and the boots create a ‘cup’ for any football. This allows players to kick with more accuracy, control and power.

These football boots are far more consistent than standard football boots. In fact they have a sweet spot which is four times larger than other football boots!  This is achieved with the uniquely shaped and patented concave element which as mentioned previously ‘cups’ the ball. Tennis racquets and golf clubs operate on the same concept with larger sweet spots which are able to provide the player with fewer margins for error. This unique feature is sure to provide you with a huge advantage on the field.

There are four styles in the Concave range: Quantum1, PTX1, T1 and KZ2. Each style varies in quality and technology. For further information on each style you can click on the links. All of these styles are available at Sportsmart both in store and online. Purchase any Concave football boots online and receive free shipping.

Click to check out our entire Concave range online

Click to check out our entire Concave range online

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