Thorlo socks are extremely comfortable and feature padding exactly where your foot needs protection. The patented pads are knitted into specific key stress points, the heel and ball to cushion vertical impact, this also enhances circulations.

Experia eliminates all but the essentials so performance is enhanced without compromising the weight of the socks. Thorlos patented thin cushion padding is sculpted and contoured to match the natural foot’s ball and heel strike pattern. You will be protected against impact with an aero-dynamic fit that hugs your foot.

Technical features include mesh polyester that is used for maximum breathability while the lightweight Achilles tendon pad protects against rubbing as well as locks your heel down. Nylon covered lycra provides a glove like fit. Coolmax is used to provide a moisture management system which keeps your feet dry and healthy. Thorlo socks are resilient, when washed properly you will find that the socks will regain their elasticity and cushioning.

These socks are well suited to high performing athletes and are available in a wide range of colours. They also carry a 30-day money back guarantee. Thorlo Experia Technical Socks are now available at Sportsmart in store and online.

Thorlo Experia Coolmax Technical socks now available in store and online at Sportsmart

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