Hitting a punching bag can be a way to improve self-defence tactics, compliment an exercise routine or practice for a sport such as boxing or wrestling. Correctly hitting a punching bag will improve your physical fitness, but if your form is incorrect, hitting a punching bag can lead to injury. A heavy bag weighs between 40 to 100 lbs and hangs from the ceiling or a stand. It is important to learn the proper form before starting to work out using a punching bag.

Protect your hands by putting on boxing gloves. For additional support and protection, tape your knuckles and wrists before putting on gloves. Failing to wear gloves could easily result in injury. Warm up for 10 to 15 minutes before beginning your routine. Stretch for a few minutes and start to work up a sweat by jumping rope or running in place.

Practice the proper stance before hitting the bag. Stand on the balls of your feet; do not stand flat footed. Keep your knees bent so you are easily mobile and you have a lower centre of gravity. Keep your hands in front of your face with your fists clenched.

Hit the bag rather than push it. Many amateurs try to take a big swing to hit the bag hard. This results in poor form and low power. The power comes from your shoulder. The resting position for your right hand is by your right cheek. To properly throw a right hand punch, step toward the bag. Extend your arm while rotating your wrist so that your knuckles are facing the bag and punch from your shoulder by rotating your body toward the left. You will know if you punched the bag correctly if the bag ‘snaps’. If you use incorrect form and push the bag, the bag will swing and the chains will stay perfectly straight. Once you punch the bag, immediately bring your arm back to its resting position in front of your face.

Develop a routine using both hands. For right-handed people, punching with the left hand is awkward and takes much more practice to develop a powerful left-hand jab than a right hand jab. Remember to develop both arms equally so you do not have a weakness.

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