A golfer is doing more than just playing a leisurely game while enjoying the outdoor surroundings. Golfers know the sport can provide an all-body workout, ranging from a solid cardiovascular workout to muscle strengthening and better balance.

The typical 18 hole golf course is about 8km. 8km can be used to strengthen one’s body core (arms , legs and shoulders) while also improving overall health operations. Golf uses the entire body. The more the golfer uses their body instead of relying on aids such as caddies and carts, the more health benefits are obtained. Golf movements consist of walking, swinging, squatting, bending and lifting.

As a form of physical exercise, golf can provide an individual with benefits ranging from improved circulation to improved flexibility. A good cardiovascular workout occurs when walking the entire course. Pain levels can be decreased by playing golf because the joints and muscles will be moving. Arthritis can be helped because golf loosens stiff joints.

Believe it or not, golfers experience better sleep. Golfers also improve their strength, mobility, hand-eye coordination and range of motion. Golf is also good for weight control.

The golf swing and stance play a major role in improving one’s posture, overall balance and muscular coordination. By having these health promoting factors, an individual experiences less pain and discomfort. Golf can be played at any age and families can all play together.

As in all types and levels of physical exercise, check with your medical provider to be certain golf is an appropriate activity for you to engage in. Also, if you are a beginner, start slowly and progressively increase the level of exercise obtained. This is to avoid potential injuries.

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