Soccer can be played at any age. When teaching the sport to anyone who is a beginner you must start with the basic skills and then slowly show how they are all put together to play the game. Soccer is a game of skill and fitness and can be challenging for beginners.

It is best to start training soccer players at an early age. As your feet are predominantly used in soccer, the sooner the training starts the better. It would be advised to start training soon after basic motor skills are mastered. As it is unnatural to use feet in such a skilled way, players who begin at an earlier age are able to excel at soccer sooner than their peers.

When training the focus should be on learning basic skills such as dribbling, passing and shooting. Dribbling the soccer ball should be practiced with both feet and while keeping your head up. The ball should remain as close at a step or two away at the most when running and always be under control.

Passing can be worked on by using the inside of the foot and passing the ball on the ground with smooth strokes. Start at a small distance and then begin to increase the distance. Shooting can be practiced by teaching the proper shot technique (knee over the ball, using the laces, striking through the ball) from a distance. Both feet should be used.

Beginner’s soccer conditioning should start with distance running. Running laps around a soccer field will get the body familiar with the size of the field and the distance the legs will be covering. Soccer is also a game of constant movement with sprinting elements. It is best advised for beginners to practice interval conditioning training. This type of training has players run or jog at one speed, then sprint a certain distance and then return to their original jogging pace.

Ball control can be practiced alone or with a partner. Beginners should start by mastering juggling the ball. Juggling refers to keeping the ball in the air by using different parts of your body and keeping the ball under control. Another way to practice ball control is to have someone either toss or kick a ball to you and you can practice ‘trapping the ball’ Trapping refers to gaining control of the ball from the air with your body.

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