The Volkl Power Bridge 1 tennis racquet is Volkl’s most powerful racquet, the DNX 1 Power Arm has been updated to include Power Bridge technology for even more power. This racquet is not only powerful it also provides players with a solid feel and comfortable response.

The Power Bridge construction is specifically designed to increase the stability of the yoke area of the racquet to increase power. Power Arm technology is used so the throat of the racquet is attached to the frame just above the handle and moves independently from the head of the racquet.

Right at the moment the ball changes direction, the Power Arm recoils which then leads to extreme acceleration on the ball. This racquet will definitely bring the heat on the court. With an extremely generous sweet spot, only a short and compact swing is required to hit with consistent depth and a controlled pace.

The composite material that makes up the racquet is much more solid than what can be found on a number of competing models. The Volkl Powerbridge 1 tennis racquet is suited for the player looking for power as well as comfort. It is ideal for the player looking to take their game to the next level.

The Volkl Powerbridge 1 tennis racquet is available at Sportsmart, you can view the Volkl Powerbridge 1 tennis racquet online or visit our stores to try the racquet out for yourself.

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