The jump serve is relatively new in volleyball. Players who jump serve effectively give their team an offensive boost. Players who can jump serve effectively give their team an offensive boost. Rather than beginning the game on the defensive with a typical serve, the jump serve starts the team offensively by forcing the opposing team to respond to an attack.

Stand two feet or more behind the baseline and hold the volleyball at arm’s length in front of you. Toss it high into the air above and into the court – the distance into the court and toss should depend on your jumping ability. The farther you can jump, the farther into the court you can toss the ball and the more power you will be able to generate. Make sure to toss the ball high enough to give yourself time to jump and swing. A low toss will end up being served into the net.

Move with the ball’s toss. As the ball climbs and hits its peak, you should be taking two or three steps toward it. Remember to avoid stepping into the court during serve. Jump as the ball begins to descend. Make sure you jump just before reaching the baseline. Your goal is to make contact with the ball at the highest point you can reach.

Swing and snap your wrist, just as you would for a spike. Your forward momentum and swing should carry the ball just over the net and quickly down. Practice repeatedly to get to the point where you know where you should stand before serving, how high you should throw the ball and when you should jump to attack.

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