Many basketball coaches will agree that rebounding is crucial in every game of basketball. If you are only giving the other team one shot per trip down the court, you have a higher probability of winning. There are a lot of aspects of rebounding, but holding off the opponent with a strong box out is one of the most important. This article will focus on how a team can improve their box out duration which will then lead to less rebounds by the opponent.

Start with two players standing in the lane. One player is on offence and the other on defence. The coach has the ball and is acting as a member of the offensive team when they shoot. The defensive player is between the offensive player and the basket while standing in the lane.

The coach shoots the ball, be sure that the defensive player yells ‘shot, box’. In game situations this alerts teammates that the opponent has taken a shot and everyone must box out.

The defensive player boxes out the offensive player by making contact with a hand or forearm, putting a hip into the player, pivoting to get the back side in contact with the player and getting wide while maintaining contact to keep the player away from the basket.

As the ball is in the air towards the basket, the player must keep contact and not give up any ground to the offensive player. If possible, the player should create more space by moving the offensive player further away from the basket.

The ball will bound off the rim or backboard. At this time, the player should maintain his or her box out position by moving the offensive player further away from the basket.

Once the ball bounces off the floor, the player can release from the box out and secure the ball. This extra time of holding the box out will provide training for holding that will bring better results in the game.

The defensive player stays on until he/she secures three rebounds in a row. Add one more offensive and one more defensive player to make it a 2 on 2 drill. This will emphasise the need for each player to do their part, if one player loses their box out it hurts the whole team.

Keep on adding an offensive and defensive player until you have a 5 on 5 game like situation. The coach continues to be the shooter, so the drill focuses squarely on boxing out.

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