Tennis players who want to move beyond their beginner level must devote time to refining their skills. The skills needed to volley a tough serve and send a backhand shot past your opponent does not come naturally. Your tennis skills will only improve with hours of practice and commitment to improvement.

Find a tennis court in your community where you can practice. Your primary court should have a well maintained playing surface, nets and small storage areas for personal belongings.

Stretch your back, legs and arms prior to hitting the tennis courts for practice. It is important to spend 10-15 minutes before and after practice keeping your muscles loose to avoid cramping.

Use the same tennis racquet for practice and live matches to maintain you form. Beginner tennis players should get comfortable with the handling of your racquet as they practice to focus on fundamentals during matches.

Wear comfortable clothing during tennis practice to avoid problems with posture and form. Tight shorts and shirts along with uncomfortable shoes draw your focus away from hitting the perfect volley back to your opponent.

Live up targets along the base line to practice your serves from both sides of the court. You should place orange cones at one foot intervals from side to side and aim for the cones as you strike the ball. Start to volley at the net with your practice partner and gradually move to the base line. Challenge your partner with forehand and backhand shots as you step back.

Aim your backhand shots at the point where the base line meets the side line to refine this skill. You can place a cone just inside the corners of the opposing court to give yourself a target.

Finally you can ask a friend to score games between you and your tennis partner to prepare for future matches.

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