Anyone can learn to play basketball; children however can greatly increase their skills by beginning to learn the game from an early age. Basketball is a fun and competitive game, it is important to teach children the fundamentals of the game as well as the importance of sportsmanship.

Teaching kids to play fair and have fun is an important step in training them to play basketball. While the point of the game is to win, that doesn’t mean that anyone should feel bad about themselves. Kids should feel good about playing, about their team and about their skills whether they win or lose. Basketball involves teamwork, children should learn to work together on the court.

When kids are beginning to play, they need to repeat drills to become better. Kids love to learn new skills so start with the fundamentals. Have them dribble down the line first with their right hand, then their left. Once this is mastered they can practice switching hands. Have kids pass the ball back and forth, first while standing still and later while dribbling.

Have kids shoot from different spots and from different distances. The more they practice, the more they will understand. The can learn to use the backboard too. Once they are fairly good at making baskets, have them dribble and then shoot. Teach them how to perform layups.

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