Boxing classes have been offered by gyms for sometime now and many people find that they look and feel great after participating in this workout on a regular basis. Your arms and legs become stronger and more defined and your body becomes much more lean.

The top ten reasons why you should join a fitness class are:

  1. Gain confidence – as you get more fit and stronger your confidence will increase.
  2. Learn self defence techniques – some boxing classes teach you self defence moves and techniques you can use in case of an emergency.
  3. Get competitive – Go to a boxing class with a friend, set goals and keep each other motivated.
  4. Meet new people – as you get to know people in your boxing class, you will enjoy it more.
  5. Lose weight – burn heaps of calories
  6. Get toned arms, legs and body – punches and kicks will help you tone up.
  7. Get more energy as your fitness levels increase – heart pumping exercises will increase your fitness levels and overall health.
  8. Improve mental focus – as your punches and kicks become more accurate, your mental focus will become sharper.
  9. Emotional benefits – channel your negative emotions in a positive way.
  10. Get increased flexibility and quicker reflexes – as long as you are stretching and doing your warm up and warm down routine then your body will become more lithe and flexible.

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