This guide will briefly give you tips on how to become a good striker for your soccer team. The striker of a soccer team will play up front and is responsible for the majority of goal scoring. There is a huge responsibility often put on strikers.

It is important to learn the touch. Even the best players in the world work on their touch consistently. Your touch is your feel for the ball and your ability to control it quickly first touch. To begin working on other areas of your game, you need to have a great first touch. Individually, kicking repeatedly against a wall and controlling it is extremely effective.

A striker always needs to be on their toes. As a striker it is critical to keep moving in different directions. You must annoy and confuse defenders. You will always have the edge if you are constantly moving. Don’t make yourself easy to mark as it will give you less time on the ball. The number one rule is to not run straight, but always curl your runs.

A striker’s number one skill is shooting. Practice against a wall if you are by yourself by standing about 5 meters away, hit the ball slightly with the outside of your foot, just slightly off the instep. After this, move 15 metres back and start to drive the ball. You want to hit it so it just hovers a bit off the ground with maximum power and accuracy.

If you think you have mastered this, try it after turning on the ball and after receiving it first touch, then try shooting. Heading is different altogether. Get someone to cross the ball to you and don’t be afraid just let it hit your head. Look closely at the ball and put your head and body behind it.

Finishing well is also important, in situations where you have just the keeper to beat or finish a fine passing build up you need to have a quick mind and a calm head. Too many strikers try to smash the ball in where you are more likely to score by slotting it or placing the ball in the net. The only way to practice this is by putting yourself in these situations. Get as much game practice as you can.

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