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Ahh the merry-go-round of the AFL season is finally here, and I gotta say that I love it! The season is done and dusted, the cats are the champions with the pies looking forward to reclaiming there title in season 2012. Dane Swan is the Brownlow medallist and GWS is even closer to entering the competition. But now comes the fun stuff.

Trade week is that best week in the football calender, no player is safe as each club looks to strengthen their list with players from rival teams they believe can win them a premiership. Who will go, who will give in to the GWS cashola?

Names of those seeking a new club are;

Tony Armstrong, Jack Gunston, Setanta O’Hailpin, Paul Bowyer, Alan Toovey, Ricky Dyson, Henry Slattery, Jonathon Griffin, Xavier Ellis, Matthew Warnock, Matthew Bate, Luke McGuiene, St Kilda FC (too many players linked to quote) Paul Bevan, Josh Hill, Brad Ebert.

They are just to name a few, with St Kilda being the only club with links to 50million of there players wanted out/out of contract/salary cap problems.

So what does your club need and want? The Herald Sun believes that every club needs more midfielders. I’m gonna leave this question right up to you, the bloggers of Sportsmart. Sometimes the best judge of a club are its fans, we are the ones that will be the harsh judges on our teams performance and the players involved. So I pose this to all bloggers and readers, post your thoughts on trade week below in the comments box. I will in turn answer your thoughts. I do have my insiders and will try and deliever the stories as they happen to you.

Happy Trading!

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