Netball is a team sport in which teams of seven players attempt to move the ball down the court and score by shooting the ball through a hoop. Players may only take one and a half steps, meaning a player can take one step and then lift their second foot if desired. The key to scoring goals with your shots is to practice proper form to shoot an arching shot with back spin on the ball.

Turn to face the goal so your shoulders, hips and feet are square to the goal, with your feet a comfortable width apart.

Rest the ball on the finger tips of your dominant hand and bend the hand back so the back of your hand is parallel to the ground.

Place your non dominant hand against the side of the ball to help aim it and control it.

Squat down while keeping your back and neck erect. The depth of the squat will vary by player, so experiment with different depths to find the least amount of squatting required for maximum height on your jump, as extra height makes your shot harder to defend.

Bring your hands back so the ball is over your head as you begin to straighten your legs to jump. Jump off the ground and extend your arms as you leave the ground.

Flick your dominant wrist forward to put backspin on the ball as you release and shoot the ball in an arcing motion. Don’t try to shoot the ball just barely high enough as it reaches the hoop. Instead, the ball should reach 1 to 2 feet above the goal at its highest point and pass through the goal on its way down.


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