The placement of your goalie during corner kicks will have a direct effect on the results of the game. Coaches and goalies need to be able to read the other team and react accordingly, advancing and defending the goal based on the type of corner kick and the way the offense is running the ball.

Place the goalie to receive a far post corner kick just to the side of the goal post, at the point farthest away from the corner the ball is being kicked in from. During a far post corner kick, the ball will be long flighted toward that further goal post with runners ready to kick into the goal.

Position the goalie close to the goal on the side facing the kicker during a near post corner kick. This type of corner kick sets up a runner to deflect the corner kick into the goal and is a fast paced play, making it harder for the goalie to read the play.

Station the goalie centrally to receive a short corner kick. This kick is designed to have the corner kick received by another player and passed to a third player. It is highly effective at changing the pace of the game and throwing off the rhythm of the defense.

The best way to learn how to position the goalie during corner kicks is to drill corner kicks regularly. This not only helps prepare the goalie to defend against corner kicks, but also helps the goalie learn to read plays and the field more effectively.

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