Penalty kicks occur in soccer when one player trips another player in the box. What happens next is a one-on-one, where a player shoots from around 11 meters away from the goal on the goalie.

You have to be confident. Even before you approach the ball, you need to know where you are going to shoot the ball. You have to be borderline cocky and have confidence in yourself that the shot is going in even before you kick it.

You don’t want to give away where you are putting the shot. When you run, don’t open your hips because it will show where you are aiming the ball. The whole process must be quick and straight on so that you don’t give away the advantage of being an offense.

Never look at the goalie. Look at the ball the entire time, look at the goal and know where you are going to put it. Don’t deviate from your plan. You don’t want to look at the goalie because you might give something away about where you are going to kick it.

The actual shot is actually one of the least important parts of the penalty kick, believe it or not. What is important is being confident and knowing where you are going to place the ball. As for the actual kick, keep it low and direct it to toward the side netting. If the ball touches the side netting, the goalie won’t be able to save the shot. If you shoot high in the air, the goalie will have a chance to jump at it.


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