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The US Open is done and dusted and I think there is only one player we are thinking about- Sam Stosur! What an unbelievable performance she gave to not only battle her way through the tournament, but to demolish thirteen time grand slam champion Serena Williams in the final!

Sam battled her way through many of her rounds throughout the Open, and had to draw on every bit of her mental and physical strength to get her through. While it may have been a weakness in the past, her mental strength was unbelievable for the entire tournament and was arguably the difference between her being eliminated in Round 3 and winning the tournament.

In the final, Sam came up against Serena Williams. Williams is tough to face at the best of times, but when Serena had been in such ominous form throughout the previous rounds, Sam knew she would have to play incredibly well to win. She did just that, and took it right up to Williams. In perhaps one of the few times in her entire career, Williams was simply out-powered, and thus out played. Making few errors, Sam stepped right in on the Williams second serve and hit punishing, deep balls right back at her. On her own serve she used heavy topspin to place the ball away from the Williams hitting zone, and therefore had her always reaching, which allowed Sam to stay on top of each point.

Sam has displayed tremendous class and sportsmanship right throughout the tournament, and throughout her career as a whole. She never lost her cool on court, praised her opponents and showed genuine humility. It is this reason why she is respected highly by the other competing players. Now, however, she will also be respected and known as a US Open Champion! Well done Sam!

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