Basketball is a fast paced game and the quickest way to move the ball is by passing. The pass is one of the most fundamental skills of the game because the well executed pass makes it possible for a player closer to the basket to shoot and score. Basketball players generally depend on three types of passes.

To pass take a step toward your receiver and release the basketball with a snap of your wrist in the chest pass. Shooting straight from the chest is the fastest way to get the ball to a teammate when the defence doesn’t stand between you.

A bounce pass on a fast break involves giving the ball a backspin for extra push as you aim for the ball to bounce at two thirds of the distance between you and the receiver. You’ll find the bounce pass is often used when throwing in bounds.

For an overhead pass, hold the ball over your head with two hands and aim slightly higher than your teammates head. Players tend to have more control of an overhead pass than a bounce pass.

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